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Hand designing on tiles for 27 years, providing world class hand painted tiles.
Uses: Bathroom countertops, shower walls, bath flooring, swimming pool projects.
About the tiles: Bathroom ceramic tiles listed in this website are imported from exotic Tunisia.
Decorative tiles offered on this website are hand painted on 4inx4in tiles, 4inx8in tiles, 6inx6in tiles (10cmx10cm, 10cmx20cm, 15cmx15cm)
The thickness is of 0.25", or 0.5 centimeter
Our tiles are fired twice. First time is to select the qualitative pottery. The second firing takes place after painting the tiles and laying a thin shiny coating for glazing, so the color remain permanent the the glazed surface becomes scratch resistant.
The accent friezes offered are authentic to the exotic Mediterranean country of Tunisia. Where Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek, and French influence is part of the local culture, tradition, costumes, and Art.
The Berber Design, for instance, is a pattern authentic to the Berbers, or the Tunisian Natives, the indigenous peoples of North Africa west of the Nile Valley. They are discontinuously distributed from the Atlantic to the Siwa oasis, in Egypt, and from the Mediterranean to the Niger River.
The blue color is very popular, and comes in varieties from light turquoise to navy blue.
How to install ceramic tiles?
To mount the tiles to a bathroom wall or floor, cement is recommended for installation. Unlike other tiles adhesives, cement doesn't stretch to temperature changes, and keeps your tiles together.
Other than bathroom interior design, shower walls and floors use, the tiles are also commonly used in swimming pools and flooring projects.
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Bathroom Interior Design Ideas and Tips
When it comes to bathroom interior design and wall shower coverings, it is all about ideas and style, and the decision is all yours. Most stunning and unique bathrooms are usually part of very high end resorts, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, luxury suites, palaces, museums, etc.
At the same time, the most spectacular bathroom designs and interiors could be in your own house. It just depends on how creative you get.
Bathroom Interior Design Ideas
When planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural bathroom interior, there are many variables you can use to create, use, and save space in your bathroom.
When remodeling your bathroom, fixtures, tub, sink, toilet, faucets, flooring, and wall covering are main elements to bathroom décor. A good bathroom interior design should harmonize all bathroom décor elements.
Bathroom wall covering is the one element you can use to make your bathroom look spectacular, coo, original, and creative.
We provide custom bathroom design on tiles and we give chance to your bathroom décor idea to take place, the way you see it..
Whatever your bathroom design style may be, we hand design it on tiles for you.

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